El v. Envy

by JGivens

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Ali Emmanuel
Ali Emmanuel thumbnail
Ali Emmanuel My first foray into JGivens music , this brothers lyrical talent is evident but not only that his passion for the Lord and to see his native Las Vegas changed by the power of the Lord , this may be considered a classic in the future . Favorite track: The Huxtables feat. John Givez & DJ Aktual.
Donovan Lewis
Donovan Lewis thumbnail
Donovan Lewis Beauty and the Beast at the very beginning of the track, then a Christ-integrated message to top it all off. Nostalgic and Beautiful. To add more to the pie, the song and what it relates to is perfectly fitting for the theme of beauty in the midst of beastliness. It's just dope.

Thank God for this song. Favorite track: (a)bridge(d) thoughts.
Aaron St. Louis
Aaron St. Louis thumbnail
Aaron St. Louis An incredible piece of work. Highest level of lyricism, smooth beats, lessons learned, emotions given, as well as all in excellence. Favorite track: Bienvenue.
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released August 6, 2013


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



JGivens Los Angeles, California

I use my mechanical engineering degree to make hip hop music for a homeless zombie man who makes dope from dust.

Gavin Yates, Warren Henderson, Randall Raby, Ashton Ajayi, & Christian Padron made me do it.

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Track Name: (a)bridge(d) thoughts
This is for them gambling addicted
Methamphetamine afflicted
Christians living the system.

Sin on the billboard,
Sex on the interstate,
Evil we imitate,
Drugs on the dinner plate

Cash rules everything around our town,
Porno magazines pave our ground.
A C-note for the preteen, though
Sex slave, depraved in the lost and found.

The lost get found straight out of Vegas
Don’t forget us when you’re thinking on your pray list
Tryin’ add a little light of the Christ
And some day to your night
And some sight to your playlist

In a forlorn feast of the faithless
But where sin abounds,
Is where grace is.
Keep praying for the family of faith
Raising kids in this Sin City homeostasis

Seen my first stripper at the age of five
Car seat kids better close their eyes.
A tourist happily steps off of the Greyhound Bus
But he lost his life.

He ain’t dead.
He’ll just spend the ten years on crack,
But he loves these lights.
Jackpot’s coming soon—
Love these lies;
Husbands leave ‘cause they love these wives.

Step one: Better die first.
Holy Ghost, come alive in the verse
Send the old man to the dirt,
Flesh in a hearse
Better tell Nicodemus that he needs a rebirth!

Ey, you trying to be “Born Again?”
Then start where the crown of thorns begin
Him crucified in the worst for His Bride in the church,
But early on the third, watch Him rise from the Earth.

I couldn’t live lukewarm ‘cause He’ll puke on Hell with my soul…
(Man, that’s so Laodicean)
That means it’s better to be either one of these,
400 degrees or be frozen

Fire shut up in my bones
So we’re living hot (hot hot hot)

Like the bottom of the oven
Holy Ghost fell down on the day of Pentacost,
And the Lost heard the talk turn cloven

Livin’ in the New Testament,
It’s best to get the truth about this flesh you’re in.
The city ain’t a friend to me,
And the enemy’s not Black, White, Asian, or Mexican

Wrestle not against the flesh
Hulk Hogan
Fear ain’t a factor
Joe Rogan
Cheat death the
R-E-S-U-double R-E-C-T-I-O-N.

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