#occupyMondays [mixtape]

by JGivens

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Erik Hailey
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Erik Hailey If you like dope music, how can you not support JGivens aka the other John Gives
Edgar Lutaaya
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Edgar Lutaaya Lyrical gymnastics while glorifying Jesus. Yes sir! Favorite track: The Atrium (prod. by Eko121).
Stephan Brown
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Stephan Brown I love JGivens lyricism. Makes it so much better that he follows Jesus. Check him out! Favorite track: Caught in the Reign (prod. by Mighty Jay Mac).
Paul Bunyan
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Paul Bunyan JGivens gets it in with #occupyMondays, his conscious and soul stirring lyricism is aimed with precision, in The Atrium. If you loved the Run album you'll understand why he's one Las Vegas' dopest emcees. Favorite track: The Atrium (prod. by Eko121).
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released July 30, 2012


all rights reserved



JGivens Los Angeles, California

I use my mechanical engineering degree to make hip hop music for a homeless zombie man who makes dope from dust.

Gavin Yates, Warren Henderson, Randall Raby, Ashton Ajayi, & Christian Padron made me do it.

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Track Name: Kill Bill Collectors (prod. by Mighty Jay Mac)
Kill Bill Collectors

God camouflaged in these bars like cephalopods
But maybe not, 'cause we obviously reppin' the cause
To see the Gospel in everything
We checkin' the stars
Even creation in itself testifies there's a God

Now wait, hey what's that God's name?
It's Yeshua the Christ, the Living Water, One with the Father, the Way.
In His ocean, man, we're coastin' and floatin' on one name
Inviting you to come to wade, Lebron James.

In that Christ, we will unite like UK
Shining light bright in dark nights, no Bruce Wayne
Rep the West like a sunset,
Flows like a sun dress
Rose after He died for what I hadn't done yet.

Cast lots for His clothes,
Clothed in a plum vest,
Drove thorns through his dome,
Blood to the Sons chest.

Who is the King of Glory?
One guess,
The Sabbath where the heathens and savages find rest.

Verse 2

Now we ain't pushin' no foreign whips,
We're coming to you in a bucket
Like KFC

Giving away all of our riches
Follow and trust He
Foolish Judas couldn't do it
Now it's 8 plus 3

There is no way, to have a good day
Without proclaiming the name
Of He who raised

You rockin' with the servant of the best
Sidekick to the One in the air, Scott Pippen

Cast on Him every care and stop trippin'
Die to who you thought you was, and start living.

Kingdom affiliates
Bummpin Scribbling Idiots
Saved by His grace
We couldn't master Leviticus

I started out with "Homie, just blaze and take a hit of this"
Now I'm on this "Give Him praise because He finished it"
Showing you this life's not ours, it's like we rented it
Numb 'til the Holy Ghost comes and now we feelin' it
Numb 'til the Holy Ghost comes and now we feelin' it

Regenerated life (feelin' it)
Track Name: But You Ain't Got No Legs, Lieutenant Dan (prod. by Memorecks)
[Verse 1]

It was very necessary
Atonement was substitionary
And now we spittin' the truth in every
The Eagle came to the aviary
Praying over these rats like Tom and Jerry

Preaching to the Pharisees
Speaking to 'em verily
Died like Heavy D
Rise like "Where is He?"

Eyes on the prize
In the hills like Beverly
Disguise the lies with these pills
Call it therapy

He said, "Will you marry Me?"
I said, "You scaring me,
plus, I give to charity,
I am the pedigree.
I am a felony?
Sin is repellin' we?
What is you telling me?"
It's real (Israel) like Tel-Aviv

All of the parts of our hearts
was in ebony
Chasing that kelly green
That was the hell in me
It's gonna bury me
Enemy to Elohim
Cursed to a hearse
Pallbearers better carry me


What if love was up to us?
Isn't loving up to us?
But if love was up to us...
Then our loving would by up
(I'm Gone)
What if love was up to us...
(Phone, phone home)
Then our loving would be up

[Verse 2]
Can a dead body hear?
Not apparently
Definitely after multiple days
It's guaranteed

Did Lazarus choose the air
When He let it breathe,
When Christ said come forth
Like the letter D?

Doctrinal differences
Is stopping these Christians
From dropping religion
It's blocking their vision
They're locked in a prison

And I ain't talking 'bout essentials
Stop in and listen
Talking 'bout these issues
Secondary to fishing

Like tattoos
and black suits
and rap dudes
hats, shoes
Women wearing pants
Can'ts and fast food

They transformed the Gospel to bad news
Egotistical legalist mystical ritual
Mixed with some bad views

Love God with all your heart
Love you neighbor
where it starts
It don't really matter whether it's ministry
Or it's art

Life is a ministry!
Whether you write down a simile
Or you like the clown industry

The problem is sin
and following men
not havin' a Benz
Unless you can't give it away
Then it is

Is anybody listenin' to the kids?
We claim to seek the Kingdom
Well I think they know where it


What if love was up to us?
Isn't loving up to us?
But if love was up to us...
Then our loving would by up
(I'm Gone)
What if love was up to us...
(Phone, phone home)
Then our loving would be up


[Verse 3]

That works-based chase
Camouflaged as faith
is only out of sheer fear
A mirage of hate
An homage to Sat-
ans facade of great
But that don't mean either
that you take advantage of Grace

Get back to the first Love folks
And if Christ ain't the head
Then your sanity is a joke

Get back to the first Love folks
And if Christ ain't the head
Your Christianity is a CULT
Track Name: Roll Rock Sk8 (music by Banda Black Rio)
Freein' you from all the superstition
I got a vision from a true religion
Hopin that you will listen

Widows and orphans is on my mind
Like endorphans
And all my time
Is important

If it's given to them
And them is really us
We were the fatherless
We were the widows 'cause
What the Groom wanted from us was the opposite
Of what we really lust
So in a rush

No prepaid card
We put Him on hush
And then we boxed Him up

This ain't no smoke pine so my flows shine
Tryna spit a cold line for a some dope rhymes
It's a syllabus

Sharpen your number 2s
Darken the one you choose
It's either win or lose
Bubble the Ws
Puddles of blood acrued
Bruised for the love of you
For the sum of you
That's every one of you

Truly release to the streets the lovely news
The beauty of the beast is he's humble, too
Like that other crew
Lifting the King of Jews
Spittin' them syllables
And fixing you dinner, too

Pleading BLOOD like a vampire interview
The Kingdom's at hand
So this is finger food
The new religion is "serving"
Do the dishes
The poor are hungry
and you're the kitchen, Givens

Giving them a new song
Rightly dividing, deciphering the right from wrong
What is you on?
Where did you go,
and how did you know?

It's 'cause I phone,
The home of the King on the throne


Roll, Rock, Sk8
Stop Hate
Stack papes (paper) and give em away

That's how we livin' homie, Look how we livin' homie

[Verse 2]
...and He was
Executed innocently
In the place of the skull
J. Fitzgerald Kennedy
Tell them I exist in three
Spirit Father Risen King
And these three are O-N-E
This is my divinity
Neo, this is Trinity

And you will love your enemies
Even those offending Me
You will be the like of Me
You will be my simile
Synonym, sin in them?

I was killed for all of these
Blood is the remedy

Love how we livin', homie
Givens an 80s baby like a Members Only
Getting crazy
Hope you listen, homie

'Cause man's religion is pimpin' the men and women, homie
But you ain't got to pay to drink
Like with-lemon-only

The Holy Spirit Spirit Holy and it's sittin' on me
Pointin' out the phonies and they acting like they didn't know me

It's all good
Just watch who you be attackin', homie
Tryna see a dynasty
No Shaq and Kobe
Kingdom, uhn
Track Name: The Atrium (prod. by Eko121)
We quote scriptures cuz the flows written
We know different so we soul spittin'
Like old women when we flow wisdom
They testin' adolescents with questions
The don't get it
Make 'em say "Uh..."
Like No Limit

Ignorance harbors the monopoly
It started with Socrates
Now fools is copying these prophecies

Step off in your cypher with a sniper rifle
Truth in the ring like Rocky 3
Fightin' telescopically

The battle's not against you and me
It's really
The prestige of Houdini
Cuz it's unseen
Like 1, 3 where the 2 be
The fight is up there
and it's high like Cooley

So follow He
Not the dollar green
Angels murk and leave,
Michael got a blade
Like Halloween

Fight in the sky
Where the kamikazee flies
And it nose dives
For my insides
But the Father sees

Hoping these lyrics will excite you
Stay with the beats like Dwight Schrute
And if you feel it
Then get your hands up in the air
Like I might shoot
But not for me, for that
Thief-in-the-night dude

That's triune
Unlike you
Like a change of heart on a post on Facebook
or Facebook
Murder like Mook
Executed like Tookie Williams
and He killed Him
Just for you

Track Name: Un Nuovo Giorno (prod. by Eko121)
Un nuovo Giorno

[Verse 1]

Cash to ashes, trust to dust
It pleased the Dad to crush the Son
Then we came and filled Him up with holes
No Shia LaBeouf
He married to us,though
He ain't tired of us

We talkin' Hosea, man
That bride was us
Lord, can you please wake Tabitha up?

He rose her
Like "Imma let you finish but
please make your way to the back of the bus."
They staring at the front
but the riot is up
He's unsung
even when the choir is up

And I can't take credit for no "nice flow"
Because without the Holy G, though
I would probably write slow

And I ain't talking speed
Talking mentally
Like them dudes that whack rap
But they're covered in ice though

They claim they got bread
And yeah they might, though
But they ain't truly eatin'
Like China when they rice low (low)

I thought that I could find my way back home
Turned around and bread crumbs was gone
And now I'm stuck tryna rap to the throne
I'm praying that this mic is on

(They're Gone)

[Verse 2]
This flesh be my weakness
These demons keep repeating to me all of the deeds I tried to keep secret
Coach asked, "What wins games?"
We said, "Defense."
Put that armor on
Like Paul in Eph-ee-sus

Or was it Ephesus?

Man, I forgot the belt of truth
And my pants fell
And now I'm climbing out this ink well
Tears falling down
Lord, I meant well
Feeling blind with a sword like Denzel

I wanna tour in the PGA
But yo it seems I can't get up of this course with these windmills
And the pastor say
If I can't find faith,
Then droppin' a couple Yen will

So I'm staring at this gold plate
Thinking this gas money I got in my pocket
Will pay to get my soul straight
But I left feeling empty like the gas tank
Left alone to fight clubs like Brad Hanks

Or was it Tom Pitt?

Either way life's an empty box of chocolates
Tell me what I'm gon' get
An empty heart shape
I'm tryna pass Go
But it feels these treadmills is on Park Place

Smile on me Lord like Scarface
Cuz I can hardly see the Light, I'm in a dark place
Then they covered Him in red like Target (Tar-jay)
And the sky faded black like dark gray

This is for those that's reading their Bibles
Tired of folks that don't tryna talk about it the most
Not tryna condemn
Just tryna promote
That O double F symbol on the remote

Television's box of lies
Perverting the eyes
With dark lights and white lies

Even Satan, himself, can wear Heaven's disguise
Might be your televangelist
Don't Be surprised

I thought that I could find my way back home
Turned around and bread crumbs was gone
And now I'm stuck tryna rap to the throne
I'm praying that this mic is on
Track Name: Caught in the Reign (prod. by Mighty Jay Mac)
Rep Christ 'til we die
Lift His name like stilettos
Lion of Judah schoolin' the Nazarene ghetto
Millenium falcon pouncin' on these rebels
Your little violins got nothing on these cellos

Kingdom first but on Earth we seek pebbles
Gold in His streets is deeper than these yellows
Abraham spoke to God as three fellows
Timothy reads but we settle...

For a lie,
Man-made proclamations
Pray for heretics headed for damanation
Faced with these interpretations
This enemy's literally robbin' us
Like Dick Grayson

Livin' to look different
Just like a mis-match
Ministering angels dispatch
We just tryna be the salt
Tryna season this earth like Ms. Dash
At the mountain shoutin'
Hands in the air like Six Flags

Everybody praying asking,
"Kingdom, come quick"
The Gospel is,
"The Kingdom is here, it's at fist!"

Well technically at hand
Connected to that wrist
Where they pierced the Lamb
Betrayed Him with that kiss

To all the women and men in this position
Struggling between your sin and your religion
Get rid of both, cuz the Truth is risen

Transform our backslides into backflips
These are breaks
No backspins

Died for JGivens' and Jay Mac's sins
Lord willing we keep grinding like half Clipse

What up Malice
We see Him using your talents
The kid (Kidd) finally gets a ring
Welcome to Dallas
Your little brother's next on the list
Just keep at him
I'd rather see eagle's wings
Than see talons

To God be the glory
Solely for our salvation
Holy Spirit regenerating this foul nation

Check the Psalms
These pilgrims progressing
Screaming Soli Deo Gloria
Like Estefan

Even though you may not get saved off this rhyme
He's tryna tell us that our eyes ain't clear
Like Ben Stein
Holy Ghost be revealed in Romans 10:9
Cuz Satan's infilitrating this wedding
Like Vince Vaughn

If the only way to heaven's perfection
We got a problem
If the only way to heaven's perfection
We got a problem
Oh my God whose gonna solve it?

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