Roll Rock Sk8 (music by Banda Black Rio)

from by JGivens



Freein' you from all the superstition
I got a vision from a true religion
Hopin that you will listen

Widows and orphans is on my mind
Like endorphans
And all my time
Is important

If it's given to them
And them is really us
We were the fatherless
We were the widows 'cause
What the Groom wanted from us was the opposite
Of what we really lust
So in a rush

No prepaid card
We put Him on hush
And then we boxed Him up

This ain't no smoke pine so my flows shine
Tryna spit a cold line for a some dope rhymes
It's a syllabus

Sharpen your number 2s
Darken the one you choose
It's either win or lose
Bubble the Ws
Puddles of blood acrued
Bruised for the love of you
For the sum of you
That's every one of you

Truly release to the streets the lovely news
The beauty of the beast is he's humble, too
Like that other crew
Lifting the King of Jews
Spittin' them syllables
And fixing you dinner, too

Pleading BLOOD like a vampire interview
The Kingdom's at hand
So this is finger food
The new religion is "serving"
Do the dishes
The poor are hungry
and you're the kitchen, Givens

Giving them a new song
Rightly dividing, deciphering the right from wrong
What is you on?
Where did you go,
and how did you know?

It's 'cause I phone,
The home of the King on the throne


Roll, Rock, Sk8
Stop Hate
Stack papes (paper) and give em away

That's how we livin' homie, Look how we livin' homie

[Verse 2]
...and He was
Executed innocently
In the place of the skull
J. Fitzgerald Kennedy
Tell them I exist in three
Spirit Father Risen King
And these three are O-N-E
This is my divinity
Neo, this is Trinity

And you will love your enemies
Even those offending Me
You will be the like of Me
You will be my simile
Synonym, sin in them?

I was killed for all of these
Blood is the remedy

Love how we livin', homie
Givens an 80s baby like a Members Only
Getting crazy
Hope you listen, homie

'Cause man's religion is pimpin' the men and women, homie
But you ain't got to pay to drink
Like with-lemon-only

The Holy Spirit Spirit Holy and it's sittin' on me
Pointin' out the phonies and they acting like they didn't know me

It's all good
Just watch who you be attackin', homie
Tryna see a dynasty
No Shaq and Kobe
Kingdom, uhn


from #occupyMondays [mixtape], released July 30, 2012


all rights reserved



JGivens Los Angeles, California

I use my mechanical engineering degree to make hip hop music for a homeless zombie man who makes dope from dust.

Gavin Yates, Warren Henderson, Randall Raby, Ashton Ajayi, & Christian Padron made me do it.

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