Un Nuovo Giorno (prod. by Eko121)

from by JGivens

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Un nuovo Giorno

[Verse 1]

Cash to ashes, trust to dust
It pleased the Dad to crush the Son
Then we came and filled Him up with holes
No Shia LaBeouf
He married to us,though
He ain't tired of us

We talkin' Hosea, man
That bride was us
Lord, can you please wake Tabitha up?

He rose her
Like "Imma let you finish but
please make your way to the back of the bus."
They staring at the front
but the riot is up
He's unsung
even when the choir is up

And I can't take credit for no "nice flow"
Because without the Holy G, though
I would probably write slow

And I ain't talking speed
Talking mentally
Like them dudes that whack rap
But they're covered in ice though

They claim they got bread
And yeah they might, though
But they ain't truly eatin'
Like China when they rice low (low)

I thought that I could find my way back home
Turned around and bread crumbs was gone
And now I'm stuck tryna rap to the throne
I'm praying that this mic is on

(They're Gone)

[Verse 2]
This flesh be my weakness
These demons keep repeating to me all of the deeds I tried to keep secret
Coach asked, "What wins games?"
We said, "Defense."
Put that armor on
Like Paul in Eph-ee-sus

Or was it Ephesus?

Man, I forgot the belt of truth
And my pants fell
And now I'm climbing out this ink well
Tears falling down
Lord, I meant well
Feeling blind with a sword like Denzel

I wanna tour in the PGA
But yo it seems I can't get up of this course with these windmills
And the pastor say
If I can't find faith,
Then droppin' a couple Yen will

So I'm staring at this gold plate
Thinking this gas money I got in my pocket
Will pay to get my soul straight
But I left feeling empty like the gas tank
Left alone to fight clubs like Brad Hanks

Or was it Tom Pitt?

Either way life's an empty box of chocolates
Tell me what I'm gon' get
An empty heart shape
I'm tryna pass Go
But it feels these treadmills is on Park Place

Smile on me Lord like Scarface
Cuz I can hardly see the Light, I'm in a dark place
Then they covered Him in red like Target (Tar-jay)
And the sky faded black like dark gray

This is for those that's reading their Bibles
Tired of folks that don't tryna talk about it the most
Not tryna condemn
Just tryna promote
That O double F symbol on the remote

Television's box of lies
Perverting the eyes
With dark lights and white lies

Even Satan, himself, can wear Heaven's disguise
Might be your televangelist
Don't Be surprised

I thought that I could find my way back home
Turned around and bread crumbs was gone
And now I'm stuck tryna rap to the throne
I'm praying that this mic is on


from #occupyMondays [mixtape], released July 30, 2012


all rights reserved



JGivens Los Angeles, California

I use my mechanical engineering degree to make hip hop music for a homeless zombie man who makes dope from dust.

Gavin Yates, Warren Henderson, Randall Raby, Ashton Ajayi, & Christian Padron made me do it.

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