by JGivens

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I just came up on a Benz,

revived the Bible Belt,

gave up a couple friends…

Pacific title belt rival

WEST (Fievel)

Five-0 couldn’t catch who jacked my wallet,

Seattle wins

Went through my bag with the cash in it

for the head gasket,

for the Mercedes &

for the gas in it,

“I just came up” all depends

On how you see the ends

To wait on a Benz.

But I just came up on a Benz

For Joey Aktual for being twin to me

For Joey the Jerk for being a friend to me

So if I don’t look up keep believing in your bro

If I wasn’t rapping, baby

I’d be doing all kinds of drugs

Man, I’d be doing all kinds of drugs

So if I don’t look up keep believing in your bro

If I wasn’t rapping, baby

I’d be doing all kinds of drugs

I missed Duvie’s wedding reception

‘cause syringe in my wrist

But since the 26th of August,

To all who’s involved with my progress,

(I’ll) Be honest with all y’all who bought all them garments

I thank you, I should thank you

For you in that OG White

‘Super Low-key’ type tee giving life

That ultralight beam living in the night

Thanks for buying presages &

all them emails &

Purchasing retail to see you boy prevail

Y’all know them tees ain’t that expensive

I just gave up a syringe &

I just came up on a Benz

So if I’m rolling up keep believing in your Bro.

“Peace to Brian for not cracking me over the head at that Vagabond in Long Beach

Atlantic, What up?”

Oh no, they’re going berserk

Shade 45 swayed for another day

Go with the Church, the verse:

“Stop Me”

Ey, ey, ey,

Rene sold out The Roxy

Orale, ey,

Rene sold out The Roxy

But, yo, my family is up in the canopy

The stadium my life became

from the rafters

Actually Aktual is extended family structure (uh)

like Danny Tanner &

Blue’s dad was on Lethal Weapons series’ news ad

That’s Danny Glover

Who’s that?

Flo Jack (Ohio brothers)

Go to that Toronto rap blues brother,

A blue J blueprint, blue ray (rey)

This is some through-the-legs-arm-in-the-hoop ish

It’s the blueprint

Kobe scoring 81

West, West, West, WEST

What you gon’ do with it?

I could give it to you,

but what you gon’ do with it?


released December 14, 2016
In all your getting, get understanding.

Official Video: youtu.be/yjWeKt_ULog

Produced by: Christon Gray
Mix/Master: Maxwell Stark

Throw the rope back, Tom Drawer.
There's no time.


all rights reserved



JGivens Los Angeles, California

I use my mechanical engineering degree to make hip hop music for a homeless zombie man who makes dope from dust.

Gavin Yates, Warren Henderson, Randall Raby, Ashton Ajayi, & Christian Padron made me do it.

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